Who We Are

We are people who love Jesus from different countries, mother tongues, and generations. We strive to share Jesus, not only in services on Sunday, but every day of the week through Bible studies, sharing time with people, mentoring, and acts of service. 

We are a New Testament Christian Congregation. Our sermons and teachings come directly from the Bible with no additional creed or book of doctrines. We follow the teachings of Jesus and the instructions to the church by the apostles. We study the Old Testament to know the heart of God and to understand the context of the early church who were coming out of Judaism. 

In our services on Sunday we share the messages of God from the Bible in English and sing in both English and Estonian. We offer Estonian translation for those who desire it.  

We have a core team of full time teachers of the Bible and advocates for Jesus. We are happy to offer  Bible  studies and English lessons from the Bible. We each have Bachelor's degrees in Bible or Theology along with years of ministry experience. Our congregation has Estonian, English, and Spanish speakers who are excited to meet and welcome you!

Weekly Bible Film Series

You are invited to join our congregation as we present the new Faith Around The World series which follows the Story of Redemption film course.

The Faith Around the World videos were filmed in locations such as Peru, UK, Israel, Croatia, Austria, Kenya, Russia, Greece, and Ethiopia. This series gives us the opportunity to witness how God reaches people all over the globe, and why it is important to seek Him wherever we are.

The new series began Thursday, 16-May at our usual time, 18:00. We look forward to seeing you Thursdays to share a few snacks and some thoughtful discussions as we continue our weekly presentations.

The congregation is grateful for the opportunity to pray for you! If you have any prayer requests, please do not hesitate to email us! 

What We Do


We fellowship and share about our faith and lives. We encourage, laugh,  and learn together.  We strive to serve each other and our community. 

We come together to worship God and to share his word together. We sing songs of praise and thanksgiving, pray, and commune with each other and Jesus. 

Contact Us

Check out our group on Facebook called New Testament Congregation, where we post a live stream video of our services each week.

If you would like to learn more about God and the Bible, we would be happy to hear from you. For more information you can contact us at:

Or call  +372 5890 1331

Where We Meet

Aleksandri 1-17, Tartu, 51004

Join us downtown at Aleksandri 1, across from Kvartal. We meet in number 17 on the first floor of the center staircase.

Sunday Worship Service 12:00

Coffee and Fellowship 13:30

Woman's Bible Study Tuesdays 19:00

Men's Bible Study Wednesdays 16:30